Dillard’s Credit Card provides customers with a secure online platform to log in, activate a credit card, and make payments. The Credit Card rewards its holders with a 10% shopping pass for the day selected by the holder. It also grants you a sign-up bonus of 10% by opening an account and charging at least $100. So, if you wish to sign in to your online account, follow the guidelines below and enjoy managing your credit card online.Dillards-Credit-Card

Dillard’s is a well-known retailer specializing in high-end clothing, accessories, home goods, and beauty items. Customers who spend much money with this retail giant may want to sign up for a store Dillards Credit Card to help them earn rewards points.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Dillard’s Credit Card Late Fees and Penalties?

No matter what card you have from Dillard’s, you’ll have at least 23 days to pay your entire balance after your billing cycle ends. You can avoid late payments by paying the minimum payment by the due date, but interest will still accrue. Payments that are not received on time or are late will be fined the minimum amount due or $25, whichever is less. If you have made more than one late payment within six months, you will be charged a fee of up to $35.

For who is this card ideal?

  • Spend at least $750 at Dillard’s every year
  • Want early access to Dillard’s clearance events
  • Frequently shop in the Men’s Tailored Clothing, Home Furnishings, or Furniture departments
  • Regularly make Dillard’s purchases over $100
  • Live near a brick-and-mortar Dillard’s location

What are the Earning Dillard’s Points?

For loyal shoppers that want savings at checkout, the Dillard’s credit cards offer the only opportunity to do so. American Express cardholders will be able to earn points on every single transaction—purchases both in and out of the store:

  1. 2X points per dollar spent at Dillard’s
  2. 2X points per dollar spent at gas stations
  3. 2X points per dollar spent at grocery stores
  4. 1X points per dollar spent everywhere