One of the exciting features of credit cards is that interested individuals can choose to make a payment at any time so long as they make sure to make the minimum payment in each period. As a result, this offers them increased flexibility and some exciting ways to reduce their overall costs if they make more payments than is strictly necessary. Dillards-Credit-CardDillard is a fashion retailer that offers a credit card program to its customers. The credit card is issued in partnership with Wells Fargo Bank and the American Express card network. Wells Fargo Bank is Dillard’s credit card issuer that manages the card account and issues terms and conditions for new and existing customers.

Dillard’s is owned by Walls Fargo. There are types of cards issued by Wells Fargo: the Dillard’s Credit Card and the Dillard’s American Express Card.

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Paying Dillard’s Bill For Services

Dillard’s offers several ways to pay your credit card bill. Whether you prefer to pay online, by Mail, over the phone, or in-store, these options are available. What you want to know:

Online Payment: Dillards Credit Card┬áServices offers the ability to pay your credit card online. Here’s how to pay your bill for Dillards Credit Card online


Payment by Mail: Dillards Credit Card offers cardholders the option to pay by Mail. Please allow more time for your Pay Dillards Credit Card to arrive at the payment address and be credited.

Payment by Phone: Dillard’s also offers the ability to pay by phone. Service staff is available from Monday to Saturday from 7 am to 5 pm at Dillards Credit Card Phone Number. Midnight CST and Sunday from 10 pm to 8 pm CST, but the automated system is available 24/7 at 800-232-8489. Please have your account number and classification code ready when you call.

Payment in Store: You may also make an in-store Dillards Credit Card Payment by going to Dillard customer service or requesting payment at any cashier. You can make your payment by cash or check.