Dillard is a fashion retailer that offers a credit card program to its customers. The credit card is issued in a partnership with Wells Fargo Bank and the American Express card network. Wells Fargo Bank is the Dillard’s credit card issuer that manages the card account and issues terms and conditions for new and existing customers.Dillards-Credit-Card

Wells Fargo Bank is an American-owned bank that issues Dillards Credit Card to its customers. This credit card is also a store or store credit card. Before you decide whether to use this card or not, you need to read on to know more about Dillards credit card details.

How To Register And Create An Account On Dillard’s Credit Card

  • If you are interested in obtaining a Dillards credit card, for starters, you should visit the official website for the credit card or see this link:
  • Please click on Enroll Now after you have completed this step.
  • Once you have done that, you will have to enter some required information such as Dillard’s credit card number, Last Four Digits of the cardholder’s Social Security Number, date of birth, and e-mail address.
  • As soon as you have filled out all the details, click the continue button.

Features of Dillard’s credit card

The following are some features of Dillard’s credit card. When you have an account with them, you can use your credit card to earn the following:

  • On a $1 purchase through Dillard’s online portal, store, or phone order, you earn two rewards points
  • 10% rewards shopping pass or $10 merchandise certificate on collecting 1500 reward points
  • 99% or 24.99% APR for purchases
  • Zero annual fees.
  • ¬†On this card, you enjoy a 0% APR balance transfer intro rate on balance transfers.
  • While transferring your balance, no fee is charged.
  • Another amazing pro is the annual fee charged; it is zero yearly fee charge.